Moments Captured Photography | Preparing for Your Shoot

Now you’ve booked your session your mind is reeling. What should you wear, how should you do your hair and/or makeup, and what poses do you like.


Most important thing you can do is Plan Ahead and communicate with your photographer.

General Timeline

-      Hair Cut/Color/Skin Care changes should be done 2 weeks in advance

-      Decide on your clothing at least a week in advance as that will allow you time to shop, wash, and/or get items dry cleaned.

-      Make-up and hair styles should be committed to early and practiced to eliminate day of stress. We strongly recommend a matting powder to reduce oily spots and a little more blush than normal to really highlight the face.

Hair/Makeup packages available if you want to get pampered on the day of your shoot.



 The following are some tips for deciding what to wear.

Background - Select clothing colors that compliment your backdrop/setting for your shoot.

Color Scheme -

Seniors - It's always recommended to bring a range of clothing from everyday to dress up to provide a varied look. 

Families/Groups-Select a couple of colors for a scheme and select clothing in that scheme. Look for clothing collections at stores as that will allow you to buy colors in all sizes. 

Patterns – Limit to one pattern to ensure your clothing doesn’t distract from your smiling faces.

Textures – Different texture adds personality to your images.

Think classic -These photos will be hanging on your walls and treasured for years to come. By choosing simple, classic clothes you will help give your images a timeless feel.

Say no to characters in group shots. - Every person has their favorite concert, character, or monologue shirt. For group shots avoid these items. Depending on your package you may have the option to change and get the shot you want in your favorite shirt later in the shoot.


Earrings, necklaces, scarves, belts and any other accessory you can think of is a girl’s best friend, but men and children can have fun with them as well. For lifestyle shoots some fun shots are men/women tapping on watch as children play, women holds spouse by tie, children playing with mommy’s necklace, or boy steals dad’s hat. Just remember don’t wear hats until all must have shots are captured.


Google/Pinterest are your best friend. Just search for the type of shoot you will be doing and then spend as much time as you like going through the images. Once you have some ideas of poses you like it helps to send your favorites to your photographer so they have an idea of what you are envisioning. 

If you don't feel your very good at taking pictures and would like some practice posing, please don't hesitate to email Rebecca and she'll be happy to send you link to posing guides to help you practice. ;-)

Day of Shoot Tips

Get Ready early enough that you have an extra 30 minutes to Just Relax before you leave your home or before your photographer arrives. Your personalities will shine through in your images if you are able to take a deep breath and relax prior to starting your shoot. If Session is outdoors remove sunglasses at least 30 mins prior to session to allow eyes to adjust to sunlight prior to session as this will help prevent squinting.

Seniors - A few additional tips just for you.

- Be Yourself - Get Comfy and show your personality

- Your Style - Bring several outfits that are your favorites, more is better

- Be Unique- Bring items and clothing that shows who you are

- Bring a Friend - Nobody helps one relax like their best friend

Need additional help, your photographer will be happy to assist.